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Xu J.W., Zhy G., Tong W., et al. Formation and evolution of the Tancheng-Lujiang wrench fault system: a major sheer sustem to the north-west of the Pacific Ocean // Tectonophysics. 1987. V. 134, № 4. P. 273-310.

Xu J. Basic characteristics and tectonic evolution of the Tancheng-Lujiang Fault Zone / Jiawei, Xu. (ed.) Tancheng-Lujiang Wrench Fault System. John Wiley & Sons, 1993. P. 17-51.

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Xu Jiawei, Zhu G., Tong Weixing et. al. Formation and evolution of the Tanchend-Lujiang wrench fault system: A major shear system to the Northwest of the Pacific Ocean // Tectonophysics, 1987, v. 134. P. 277-310.

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